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This is one of my favorite videos at the YouTube.
It speaks.

Originally, Twa Dogs was a poem from the 1700s by Robert Burns. A poor collie dog and noble Newfoundlandian, friends from the same village and House, discussed about their positions in their lives.
The other was the yeoman’s dog, who worked hard to earn his little cup.
The other was the lord’s dog. He didn’t have to work at all, and the food and all the acessories were plenty and of best quality.
Burns knew what he was talking about since he was a worker in a big land owner’s farm. Still he found some time to make poetry with the meaning. 

This video adds a great depth to the continuum of friendship between the different kinds. Somewhere, still now, it is possible. To find the childlike joy and unbreakable harmony.

I love these dogs. The other is a lurcher, a traditional poachman’s dog. He has the wonderful harlequin – merle coat.
The other is a Collie – Golden Retriever cross, with a dash of nobility in his long and soft, bronze-hued coat.

Where can I see these kind of dogs? (This kind of frank friendship?)
Somewhere far, I assume, in a distant place, where the world is still young and everything is yet ahead and a-waiting.

These fellows live in Ayr, Scotland.
The winter and snow is just arriving.
World is new.

Yet the music stands so well with that all.